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STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Clinics will be organized periodically in the primary and secondary schools to encourage more participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education.

MENTORING & COUNSELLING Visiting schools regularly to mentor and counsel students on career choices. Career Guidance and counselling sessions will be organized periodically in partnership with schools and industry professionals.

TEACHER TRAINING & MOTIVATION This is an initiative we place a lot of priority on. Special attention will be devoted to rural community teachers who will undergo a lot of short courses to equip them in their duties. Teacher-motivated initiatives and a re-orientation of branding the teaching sector to attract the best into the profession is key. Teaching will no longer be an option for those who didn’t have a choice but a preserve of the academically smart and intelligent with the passion for teachin.

EDUCATIONAL TOURISM & EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES Exchange programmes and educational tours will be organised for students from Ghana. Students from schools outside Ghana will also visit ‎school in Ghana.

SOCIAL INTERVENTIONS Partnering individuals who are championing various social interventions that affect the child such as child labour, child marriage, child trafficking and girl-child education.

EGF EDUCATE A CHILD PROGRAMME This is a call on all to help the vulnerable in our society. Through this programme, we hope to provide school uniforms, shoes, learning materials and provide tuition for the numerous children who cannot afford to be in school due to poverty. Let us help these children out of poverty by empowering them with quality education.

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