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Information and Support Centre

• An ultra-modern multi-purpose headquarters in Accra and Centres in all ten (10) regions where all the necessary information on education can be accessed and the necessary support given to the general public. The headquarters will host:

DATABASE This is an online service which hosts information regarding all accredited educational institutions in Ghana including virtual tours with every necessary information which will be easily accessible to the general public.

GRADING & RANKING Grading and ranking school using various criteria in partnership with the appropriate authorities to promote healthy competition and also urge educational institutions get creative and innovative. The grading and ranking list will be released at the end of each academic year to aid parents, guardians, students and stakeholders make informed choices.

RESEARCH FUNDS This is a fund set aside for educators, PhD candidates and students who will want to undertake research in the interest of the nation and the well-being of all in Ghana.

SCHOLARSHIP & LOANS We support brilliant but needy students, as well as active and talented students financially with keen interest in their academic progress and well-being. A collation of all scholarship programs within Ghana and beyond for easy accessibility will be made available. We also assess the eligibility of students who can take student loans and provide them with interest-free loans to further their education.

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