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Who we are

EDUFAIR Ghana Foundation is a non-profit organization poised to advocate, brand and package educational institutions in Ghana for a change-driven future. Education is important for a nation’s progress. A country’s literate population is its asset. In today’s competitive world, it will not be wise to neglect the importance of education for the development of society as a whole.

This has led to governments investing heavily in this sector. The future of a nation is safe in the hands of the educated. Education is important for the social development and economic growth of a nation which forms the basis of this organisation

What We Believe in
The quest for improving quality in education does not rest on the shoulder of the government alone, it is a shared responsibility. All stakeholders have a role to play to achieve tangible and satisfying results. To support Government’s efforts in providing quality education for all, we advocate the importance of quality education through:

Education must not be based on a blueprint that would apply in all situations. Solutions and adaptations of our education must be based on the real needs of our industries and communities.
Student-Friendly Teaching and Learning
We believe in focusing on the child or student and helping him or her reach his or her full potential.
Learning Outcomes
We firmly believe that after completing a certain level of education, one must be able to develop minimum standards of skills needed to survive in today’s competitive labour market.
The role of technology in education is vital. Studies have shown benefits from the use of technology in education over the past years. We believe in forming partnerships with companies or organisations that offer technology-based products and services to enhance learning.
Personal and social circumstances such as gender, ethnicity or family background should not be obstacles to achieving educational potential.


Ghana faces in its education sector, disproportions between rural and urban areas. Due to these disparities, key issues have emerged which the Ministry of Education and stakeholders endeavour to resolve. Despite efforts to resolve these issues more is needed to be done to eradicate these challenges.
Lack of coordination between industry and academia has left a gap and this affects graduates going into the job market.

The ability to apply theory in practical terms is a problem due to the lack of local content based examples in our curriculum. Eradicating illiteracy has been a constant objective of Ghana’s education policies. However, ensuring equal access to education has also become a challenge. Past solutions although significant, cannot be adjudged sufficient. The impact of past implementation is difficult at best to ascertain due to the difficulty in accessing information.


With the present age of technology, educational institutions must be equipped and positioned to churn out graduates ready to contribute positively to the development and economic growth of our nation, Ghana. The responsibility of providing quality education for all should not rest on the shoulder of government alone, it should be a shared responsibility.

All relevant stakeholders have a role to play to achieve results. In this age of technology, educational institutions must be equipped to churn out graduates with the requisite and relevant transformational initiatives, skills and knowledge ready to contribute positively to the competitive labour market and the development and economic growth of our nation, Ghana.

“To position Ghana as the Destination for Education in Africa”.

To advocate, support and help strengthen the capabilities of educators and educational institutions in Ghana to achieve our vision.


We do the right thing
Pursuit of Excellence: We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our audience      
Accountability: We take responsibility for individual and collective actions
Collaboration: We work together to achieve collective and individual goals
Passion: Our energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting impact

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